The sleeve with benefits

Whether you play baseball, football, basketball, or volleyball – you’ll find many technical benefits to wearing ZGuards SmartSleeve. These fall mainly into two categories: Protection and connection.


  • Protects against blows & abrasions, reducing risk of injury
  • Maintains muscular temperature, reducing risk of muscle strains
  • Provides additional support and compression
  • Allows full range of motion and flexibility
  • Creates psychological advantage to perform with confidence
  • Absorbs sweat, providing hygiene & comfort


ZGuards is the only smart sleeve that allows athletes to instantly share:

  • Scout videos
  • Team schedules
  • Personal highlight videos
  • Any personal or social content you create or just love

Players aren’t the only ones with fans

From pros to little leaguers, athletes everywhere are singing the praises of ZGuards SmartSleeve.

“ZGuards gave me the extra edge I needed to be more confident at the plate.”

— Rubén Sierra

“I hit a monster 3-run homerun the first time I wore the ZGuards sleeve. I never play without it!”

— Jaz Burton, High School All-Star